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Inn Normaland


the spooky lunch
26 July 1985
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Alas, this tortured literatuer has passed away though we cannot be too sure of that. Much like a character in one of his own tales of terror and the weird, perhaps we feel his living prescence with a hint of death-like imprisonment. Yes...yes.....yessss........ssssss.....
Oh you, Anthony Rhazor, must you hide in the midst of a castle's ashen rubble?
'pataphysics, alfred jarry, algernon blackwood, algolagnia, alice cooper, alien sex fiend, ambrose bierce, andre breton, androgyny, anti-cgi, appollinaire, arkham house, arp, arthur machen, astounding combinations, atheism, b&w, bad art, bad collages, barbara steele, baudelaire, bellmer, bob kaufman, bohemianism, buggering, bunuel, cakewalks, cannibal holocaust, cas, chance operations, charles mingus, cinema, collages, crevel, crumbling tomes, cut-ups, cute sharks, d.f. lewis, dada, dadaism, de sade, debrainments, decadence, dolls, duchamp, early fantasy, enigmatic authors, ernst, experimentalism, expressionism, eyeballs, fbl, fog, frank belknap long, frenetique, george sterling, german dadaist literature, gothic novels, grand guignol, h.g. lewis, horror, hpl, hugo ball, imaginative psychosis, incredibly strange films, int'l avant-garde, joseph sheridan le fanu, karloff, la liberte ou l'amour, les chants de maldoror, lips, liquid sky, lon chaney jr., lon chaney sr., louis aragon, lovecraft, lugosi, lycanthropy, m.p. shiel, magazine science fiction, magritte, man ray, mark of the devil, merz, naive morbidity, negativland, nightmares, nightmarish situations, noise, noisy music, obscure fiction, old intact books, over the edge, paul eluard, peret, plain absurdism, psychotronic film, pure psychic automatism, ramsey campbell, raymond roussel, reel-to-reel, reh, rene daumal, robert desnos, romanticism, rozz williams, sacher-masoch, schwitters, scientific romances, scientifiction, sea serpents, semi-automatism, sham art and artists, short films, short-short films, small theatres, speculative fiction, spooky music, strange tales, surrealism, svankmajer, symbolism, the ass, the bimfanciful, the great god pan, the irrational, the it's-all-in-your-head-mov't, the marvelous, the purple cloud, the residents, the tongue, the torture garden, theatre du grand guignol, thomas ligotti, throbbing gristle, transgender, transsexuals, transvestism, tristan tzara, vathek, vegas in space, videotapes, walking, weird fiction, weird tales, werewolves, william hope hodgson, william s. burroughs, wizard of gore